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How IMODIUM® Works


How IMODIUM® products work

Choosing the diarrhea treatment that’s right for you means first understanding how it works inside your body.

How your digestive system works

When your digestive system is in its normal rhythm, food and fluid pass regularly from the stomach into the small intestine. Food is then broken down and nutrients are absorbed along with most of the fluid. The remaining waste and some water pass into the colon (large intestine) where more water is absorbed. Finally, the waste is passed in the form of stools.

What happens when you get diarrhea?

When the cells in your small intestine or colon are irritated, the typically relaxed and regular movement of your intestines can become overactive. Essential fluids and salts end up being passed through the colon too quickly with less fluid being absorbed by the body. The result is loose or watery stools, commonly known as diarrhea.

How IMODIUM products restore your system

IMODIUM products contain an active ingredient called Loperamide, which works to slow your system to its normal pace. This allows the body to start absorbing fluids and salts as it should, restoring the consistency of stools.

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