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Diarrhea Myths & Facts

Think you know the best way to handle diarrhea? Think again.
Get the straight facts and flush the old wives tales.

myth 1 My body will become addicted to the medicine if I use it too much.

Fact: When used as directed, IMODIUM® products are non-habit forming and have been shown to be an effective way to manage diarrhea.

myth 2 I shouldn't take IMODIUM® products if I take other medicines, because of potential interactions.

Fact: When you take IMODIUM®, only a very small amount of the medicine is absorbed from your digestive tract. There have been no clinically significant drug interactions reported with loperamide, the medicine in IMODIUM®.

myth 3 If a child has diarrhea, it's best to let it run its course.

Fact: Diarrhea in children can lead to dehydration, often more quickly than it does in adults. Treating children from ages six to eleven with IMODIUM® and keeping them adequately hydrated may help avoid a dangerous loss of fluid.

myth 4 An anti-diarrheal medicine will definitely make me backed up.

Fact: When used as directed, an anti-diarrheal medicine like IMODIUM® A-D can help to return your intestinal system to normal. It works by giving your colon more time to absorb water from your stool, and by restoring normal contractions to the muscles in your small intestine so you have fewer bowel movements.

myth 5 Diarrhea caused by stress shouldn't be treated with IMODIUM®.

Fact: IMODIUM® products can be used for all types of diarrhea bouts - even those caused by stress. It works with your body to help restore its normal rhythm.

myth 6 Taking IMODIUM® is overkill for milder bouts.

Fact: IMODIUM® can be used for all diarrhea bouts. It works by slowing your system to help restore it to its normal rhythm.

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